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Source of Funds / Fund Raising Events

Charter Donor Campaign
Our first fundraising campaign was a direct appeal to special stakeholders, such as our own board members, current and former Board of Education members and high level district administrators. This appeal, undertaken without a track record and only the guiding philosophy of our mission statement, resulted in nearly $20,000 in donations from thirty-five donors. This response sent a strong message of support for and faith in the mission of the Foundation.

Progressive Dinners
Three progressive dinner fundraisers have been held, one in the fall of 1997 (netted over $7,000), one in the fall of 2000 (netted nearly $10,000), and one in February 2004 (netting over $8,000). These were popular affairs, each one drawing approximately 150 participants. Local restaurants and gourmet cooks throughout the community provided dinners that were held in homes throughout University City. Participants gathered at a cocktail party the first year, and a desert reception both the second and third years.

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