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Source of Funds / Fund Raising Events

In June of 1999 the Foundation hosted the first Lions of Jazz benefit at Westport Playhouse, followed three years later by Lions of Jazz 2, held at The Pageant on May 31, 2002. The benefits brought together professional jazz musicians, all of whom are alumni of U. City High School, and both created a considerable amount of interest and excitement in the community and were literally the talk of the town for months afterwards. The benefits netted approximately $34,000 (1999) and $42,000 (2002), but other important goals were realized as well. The events reunited many families and friends of the public school system and showcased the impressive talents of its graduates, including the performers and the organizers. Most importantly, the benefits have given the Foundation credibility and a high profile in the community.

Direct Mail Campaigns
Fund drives are carried out through direct mail appeals; through use of the Cornerstone, the Foundation's newsletter; and through an end-of-year mailing.

Pride Projects Campaign
This campaign was initiated in order to meet specific needs of schools in the district and also in recognition of the wish of some donors to designate use of their donations to specific projects. Approximately $10,000 was raised in the first eighteen months of this campaign.

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