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Distribution of Funds / Grants

Who May Apply
The UCEF grant program is open to faculty, staff, principals and administrators in the School District of University City. Parents and other community members may submit a grant if sponsored by an eligible employee of the School District.

Policies And Restrictions
Grant proposals that implement projects designed to enhance student learning and performance will be considered for review. Grant requests may not exceed $1,000.
The UCEF Competitive Grant program is not designed to replace general operating funds, staff development, professional growth or programs and supplies normally funded by the School District.
These awards are for competitively-funded grants. Multiple, identical applications will not be considered. Collaboration is welcome; all applicants must be listed and provide required signatures.
Funding is not awarded for "seed money" for large proposals. However, proposals that identify a small, well-defined project to be funded within the larger proposal will be considered. Additional information should be included stating the grant writer's plan for securing funding of the remainder of the large proposal.

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