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Distribution of Funds / Grants

Policies And Restrictions (Continued)
Field trips, speakers, incentives, and promotions will be considered for funding only as a small part of a well-defined project. Items such as video tapes and disposable cameras have largely been replaced by other technologies and are not as likely to be approved as in past years. Where applicable, please use DVDs, digital cameras and other current technologies.
Projects funded by the UCEF Competitive Grant program will not be funded for more than one year.

Grant Review Procedures
Grant applications are reviewed anonymously and competitively by a panel of community members. Criteria in the guidelines to follow are used to determine those grants that will be considered for funding during a grant distribution cycle. Grants that do not follow the guidelines are not considered for funding. Grant writers are encouraged to review the guidelines carefully. Grant writers who submit grants that meet the criteria, but are not selected during one grant cycle, can resubmit their proposal, with changes, during a subsequent cycle. Submission of a grant proposal does not guarantee funding. All grant applicants will receive notification of the status of their grants after the review process is completed. Reviewer comments will be included.

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