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Distribution of Funds / Harriett Woods Awards

The goal of the Harriet Woods Awards is to provide an alternate funding source for innovative programs that promote educational change and are within the mission of the University City Education Foundation but beyond the scope of the Pride or Teacher/Administrator Grants. The Harriett Woods award is not designed to replace general operating funds, staff development, professional growth or programs and supplies normally funded by the School District

Application Eligibility
Any school district employee or University City resident is eligible to apply for a Harriet Woods Award. The Award Proposal must have the support and approval of the school principal or a school district administrator if students at more than one school will participate.
Five copies of the Award Proposal should be submitted to the University City Education Foundation executive committee's Member-at-Large. The Award Proposal should include:
Statement of Purpose
Description of student activities
Estimate of number of students served or influenced
Impact assessment with a description of methods of effectiveness analysis and a time-line for submission of the program evaluation

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