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Distribution of Funds / Harriett Woods Awards

Review Process

Two award submission deadlines will be set annually to coincide with executive committee meetings, which will be scheduled 30 days prior to a full board meeting. The Member-at-Large will distribute the Award Proposal to the executive committee (President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary, Member-at-Large) for review. This process will not be blind. The executive committee will meet to review submitted awards prior to a general board meeting. Any revisions requested by the executive committee must be made in the 30 days between the executive committee review and presentation to the full UCEF board.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
What is the impact of the program?
What types of alternate funding sources have been solicited?
How many students will be impacted?
How equitably are funds distributed through the district?
Proposals must receive at least 3 of 5 votes by the executive committee to be sponsored. Sponsored Harriett Woods Awards will be presented to the full board at the next board meeting. Awards will be funded if approved by a majority of the voting board members

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